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Outstanding Introductions

Want your documents to get consistently better results?


This masterclass looks at the most important part of anything you write: the introduction.


Learn and practice alongside Catie as she takes you through writing and self-editing the perfect introduction.

In this course, you will learn:

Why a readable, compelling introduction is so important

How to write an introduction that both hooks readers in and answers all their immediate questions

How to quickly and effectively self-edit your introduction

Which elements you need (and don’t need) for a great introduction, organized into a handy checklist so you can always submit with confidence

With this 2-part, 90-minute class, you’ll gain access to the strategies that have helped hundreds of academics get their research published in top-tier journals. Watch the masterclass anytime, at your own pace, and apply its takeaways for permanent benefits to all of your writing going forward.

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Unlock the power of a great intro today.

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