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Premium Editing
for Business Academics

Prestigious publications, funding and awards, top positions, greater visibility outside academia—many of the best opportunities depend heavily on one thing: your writing. 


This is where an editor can be your most powerful ally. 


The best editors grasp exactly what you’re trying to say, and help you say it with fewer, clearer, and more compelling words. They bring high-level expertise and invaluable insights to your work and take difficult and time-consuming labor off your plate.

As academic editors specializing in business exclusively, we offer several advantages over working with a non-niche editor or agency:


We know business research.

13 years of editing research on management, marketing, accounting, finance, organizational behavior, sustainability, and more have given us a strong understanding of the terminology, core literature, and developments in these disciplines. This allows us to offer high-value observations as part of our edits, while also confidently addressing those persnickety details for you: if you write “Mturk” (not MTurk) or MPlus (not Mplus), we’ll catch it!

We know business journals.

We keep extensive records of their norms and preferences and the style details that really matter to them. We’ve edited articles published in 45 of the FT 50 and dozens of other top journals. For many of our clients, the decision to use us was the needle-mover that landed them their first publication in one of these journals. We can’t promise you won’t get a hard-to-please Reviewer #2, but we can promise that polished writing will always help smooth any paper’s journey. 

We know business academics.

Editing for international business academics exclusively means we’re not just familiar with business research but with its global outlook. Addressing any possible ESL issues is therefore a standard part of our edits; we’ll spot them even if they're hidden among technical terms specific to your field.

We know business research funding.

No time to make sure that application is clear, convincing, and tailored to exactly what the funding body is looking for? Individual clients and institutes have trusted us with proposals worth millions in funding for their cutting-edge business research.

We know the other types of documents common in this field.

We’ve reviewed reports advising governments and investors, tenure packages, response letters, magazine pitches and articles, business case studies, and more. Cases are a particular specialty of ours, as we’ve edited hundreds for Ivey Publishing, the second-largest publisher of business case studies in the world.

Exactly what it sounds like this level of editing can incorporate virtually every type of editing there is, from developmental through English language and line editing all the way down to the granular details involved in Pure Polish.


With this service, if we see any opportunity to better align your writing with your objectives, we’ll take it. The result is a comprehensive transformation of your document to something clearer, stronger, and more readable—without losing your unique voice.


Fill out this short questionnaire to get started. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the details and pricing.​Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly at if you still have questions.

*We need these information from you for invoicing purposes.

If you need to send your document to us ASAP, please email it to:

Thank you for choosing CSPhares Editing. We will get in touch with you regarding your project.

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