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It’s not about just one paper. 

You’re looking to supercharge the most important component of your career:

Your writing.

What if writing about your research and achievements felt





The problem with academia’s reliance on effective writing (anyone else loathe the panic-inducing phrase “publish or perish”?) is that relatively few academics are ever taught to write effectively. Instead, they’re often directed to simply review what’s worked for other writers in the past and draw their own conclusions, or to pore over a pile of assorted resources on grammar, punctuation, norms, and templates and make the best of it. This haphazard approach to one of the most critical components of your career can leave you frustrated and overwhelmed as you face a clogged pipeline of revisions, rejections, and delays.


It doesn't have to be like this

In this life-changing intensive, we’ll co-develop a customized strategy for improving everything you write.

  • We’ll identify your strengths and how to lean into them.

  • We’ll take a specific, honest look at your writing weaknesses (we’ve all got them!) and how to mitigate them.

  • We’ll review Catie’s proven method for “telling the story" of your research, adapted to your field, so you start every single writing project with greater clarity and momentum.

  • We’ll discuss practical, intuitive tools for editing your own work in the ways that really matter (and outsourcing or omitting all the ways that really don’t).

So… how’d you like to become one?

Academics who are strong writers experience myriad benefits to their careers—and often, to their salaries.

This deep dive into your writing takes just 4–6 hours total of your time, and will help you to dramatically improve everything you write going forward.

Schedule your VIP day with Catie or contact us to find out more.

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