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Our Purpose

To help business academics maximize their impact and reach with powerful, persuasive writing. Our done-for-you editing services, consulting packages, and instructional products draw on our proven CS Phares framework to develop documents that captivate their target audience—with tangible results. 

At the core of our company is the underlying purpose of all communication: connection. 
We believe that great writing is really about connecting —connecting ideas, people, patterns, and advances in knowledge—and removing anything that impedes connection.

This same focus informs our attitude to service. By emphasizing excellence, kindness, collaboration, and inclusivity, we connect with our ideal clients, understand their research and goals, and help them achieve greater success with their writing, time after time. 

Why are we so passionate about helping business academics with their writing? 

Two main reasons:

First, we believe that business research can solve critical issues facing organizations and society. By increasing and polishing contributions to important conversations on topics like sustainable manufacturing, climate investing, global credit markets, equity and safety in the workplace, cutting-edge tech, small businesses, effective leadership, trustworthy auditing, ethical marketing, and more, we believe that we’re making a real difference in the world with our abilities.

Second, we believe that these important conversations are better when everyone has a voice. It’s absurd to assume that the best ideas pop exclusively into the brains of the best writers (and only those writing in English and with abundant time for writing and self-editing, nonetheless!). Yet that’s how the current academic context often works: the best and most prolific writers in English are typically the most visible and the most rewarded for their efforts. This disparity is costing us dearly in valuable knowledge and more diverse perspectives.

So how do we help our clients get their ideas noticed, read, cited, and acclaimed? 

We can help in several ways—the choice is yours:

  • We can help you become a stronger writer overall, with a private, 1:1 intensive that concludes with a customized strategy for improving everything you write in future.

All avenues of service that we offer are built on our tested and comprehensive blueprint for readable, effective writing. This blueprint works because it relies on intuitive patterns of communication while also integrating everything else we’ve learned about this niche from supporting hundreds of world-class business academics since 2010. 

We can’t wait to support you in sharing your brilliance too!

Our Values


You are the expert. We are your expert support.

You bring your outstanding research and pioneering ideas.

We bring fresh eyes to each page and over a decade of experience in transforming academic writing into something that people actually want to read.

We are an elite team dedicated to providing personalized, reliable, and outstanding editing services that help you achieve the best possible results with your writing. It’s no coincidence that several of our clients have received best paper awards.



Rest assured there is no judgment in our support of your work

— only the ultimate goal of making the document shine in its intended context. In addition, we will work to accommodate any personal concerns and considerations that may affect the academic writing process: people > protocol, always.

We are committed to using our talents to help address the many forms of bias that characterize academia, including language bias.

We also recognize ongoing attempts to disparage the use of editors in academia as a blatant form of this bias. The world’s best writers use editors. Period.


"You may not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page."

Jodi Picoult

Catie Phares

Catie Phares is the founder and head editor of CS Phares. A background in English (MPhil Cantab) and over a decade of editing for leading business academics have given her a deep understanding of the principles of superb writing and how to adapt them to the flourishing field of business research. Her very first editing jobs were for faculty at the Ivey Business School in her hometown (and current town) of London, Ontario, Canada and this is still an institution that she is proud to serve today, along with dozens of others in 20 countries so far.


Catie's non-editing interests include, in no particular order, travel, baking, ballet, murder mysteries, medieval history, and classical guitar. Her favorite book is Wuthering Heights, her favorite movie is The Godfather, and the word she has to look up literally every single time she types it is “maneuver” (or the even twistier “manoeuvre” if you’re using UK spellings!). You can follow or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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