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Writing has been called the currency of academia—and it’s not hard to see why. Whether it’s being used to secure research funding, a prestigious appointment, publication in a top journal, or any other life-changing opportunity, your writing must be exceptional to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive academic market.

At the same time, many academics are being asked to do more with less time and resources than ever before. You can’t afford to put your writing on the back burner, but you also can’t feasibly polish every important document to the level that it deserves. Turning your hard work and complex ideas over to an untested third party for some general edits is equally unthinkable.

This is where CS Phares is poised to serve you best. 

For 13 years, we’ve helped business academics communicate their ground-breaking ideas: FT 50 articles, white papers, case studies, investor reports, tenure packages, grant applications—you name it, we've edited it. This experience in business academic writing exclusively has helped us develop an arsenal of field-specific knowledge and tools to maximize our clients’ chances of success with their documents.


Ready to unlock the value that polished, persuasive writing can bring to your career?


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(clearer writing = clearer thinking)

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Meet Catie Phares


Catie Phares is the founder and head editor of the CS Phares team, a company dedicated to helping academics turn their research into engaging content. With a Master's in English from Cambridge and over 13 years of editing for leading business academics, Catie has developed a deep understanding of excellent writing and how to adapt it to the rapidly expanding field of business research. Clients have reported that they appreciate her comprehensive yet meticulous approach to each project as well as her commitment to their overall success.

Catie understands what it takes to make world-changing research look great on paper; this includes any given document’s readability, flow, and overall message.


Her goal is two-fold: maximize every document’s chances of success while also lightening the cognitive load associated with selecting, researching, and hiring an editor. She is a long-time member of Editors Canada

Proudly trusted by faculty at

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...and many more

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Premium Editing


Fast, reliable, exceptional. Improve your document’s readability with our signature service for business academics, adapted to your unique situation.



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Courses & More


“Good” writing can absolutely be taught. These resources help you access and develop your own inner editor to improve everything you write. 


In the three years that I have worked with Catie, my coauthors and I have enjoyed better results with our writing projects and more time to work on other things. Once I hand something off to her, I can trust that it will come back polished to a standard that journal editors notice. I appreciate her attention to detail and her helpful comments that improve not just the paper in question, but our writing in general.

Dr. CDL, Renmin University of China

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