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Checking Text on a Document

It's been said ad nauseam but that doesn't make it any less true: 


Writing really is the currency of academia.

Whether you're submitting your first (or 40th!) article to a top journal, applying for a tenure track position, going after significant funding, or drafting a practitioner-oriented report, you'll soon find that unexceptional writing just doesn't cut it in today's fiercely competitive academic market.

But this situation poses an injustice that has driven my work for over 10 years now: great ideas aren't exclusive to great writers (and don't get me started on the rampant English-speaking bias in academia).

This is where an editor can be your most powerful ally.


The best editors grasp exactly what you’re trying to say, and help you say it with fewer, clearer, and more compelling words. 

As an academic editor specializing in business, I offer several advantages over working with a non-niche editor:


You already know that a successful career depends on publishing in top journals and securing funding—increase your odds of both with an expert editor who knows your niche today.

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