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New year, new goals

I love January. I love the way the old year dissolves in a heap of feasting, socializing, hibernating, and a total lack of routine (it's nice to know you really can get sick of chocolate and Netflix binging eventually!). But even more so, I love laying the groundwork for the new year, armed with new goals for the 365 days ahead. It feels like anything is possible.

If you're a freelancer like me, you know how important it is to have goals. With no one to manage your work flow, pay your wages, or come down on you for wasting time, it's only too easy to fall into the common traps of life without a boss. Conversely, though, freelancing offers so many opportunities for growth, learning, and success that rarely exist in traditional employment. Finding and seizing these opportunities just requires some careful goal-setting.

For instance, one of my goals last year was to increase my billable hours by playing to my strengths (writing and editing), and outsourcing my weaknesses (accounting). The steps I took to achieve that goal included researching, implementing, and familiarizing myself with a good accounting software (I've had great results with Wave), and hiring an accountant with extensive experience in helping digital nomads. With these two steps, I drastically reduced the amount of time I spend wrangling with figures and currency conversions. Now, I spend that time pursuing the activities that translate directly into income instead: writing, editing, and marketing.

Whether you're a freelancer or not, if your goals could benefit from outsourcing any time-consuming tasks to a communications professional this year, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Maybe, like many of my clients, you're an outstanding photographer, web designer, caterer, etc., but you're not quite sure how to sell those skills. Maybe you're hoping to change jobs or secure important funding. Either way, I can help you free up valuable time to play to your strengths, and still meet that goal of polishing your resume, updating your website copy, or getting that article published.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and successful 2019!


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