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The simple tip that can save you hundreds on editing

I can't say I've ever met anyone who thinks they're above needing an editor (or at least no one who admitted it!), but I've met many, many people who tell me they don't think they can afford one.

A great editor can mean the difference between those letters and emails that start with "Congratulations" and those that begin with "Thank you for your submission but..."—or between landing that interview for your dream job and never getting a callback becuase you're resume looked like like this setnence (yikes). So do try to budget for as much editorial input as you can afford, especially if you're writing something of potentially life-changing importance.

Still think a dedicated editor is beyond your (or your company's) means? Take the first step to dramatically improve your own writing before you contact a professional. This one simple tip can save you hundreds of dollars in editing costs:

Read your work out loud.

It's been said time and time again, but the importance of reading your work out loud cannot be overstated. You'll immediately notice anything that sounds strange or awkward (aim to write the way you would talk in a professional (not casual) conversation), as well as errors, unnecessary words, and repetitive sentence structure.

If any part of your writing sounds wrong or confusing to you, I guarantee that your intended audience (or future editor) is going to struggle with it.

Reading your work aloud to a friend or colleague is even better: you'll get a preview of your readers' reactions. Just don't be offended if they doze off—be relieved that you found out now, before it really matters!


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