A long love of reading and writing led me to pursue an academic career in English. But after finishing my master’s degree at Cambridge University 12 years ago, I was frequently approached by friends and colleagues for help with their writing—everything from dissertations and grant proposals to emails and resumes. Most people said the exact same thing: “Please just help me make it sound better!"

Soon, I was developing an expanding client base and a new business as an academic editor specializing in business.

At present, I divide my time between the U.K. (London area), and Canada, where I've edited for Ivey Business School (Western University) and its faculty for over 10 years. However, as a so-called digital nomad, I've edited for clients from all over the world, from Hong Kong to New York to Lebanon: location is no barrier.


When I'm not editing, I can usually be found re-reading an old favourite or tackling ambitious bread recipes in my kitchen.